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Campus Bike Shop Rental Programs

Campus Bike Shop Bike Share Lease Program

The following applies to Program Bikes only. It does not apply to Maintenance or Service Plans, or otherwise.


If more than 5 miles from Campus, extra charge depending on distance and difficulty.

Routine RepairsLimited to minor adjustments (e.g. air for tires, brake cable and brake pad alignment adjustment, chain realigned, seat and handlebar adjustments, gear/chain oiling, accessory re-attachment). Parts extra and labor for replacing parts extra.
Road AssistanceCall 650-723-9300 to request (emergency numbers: 650-460-4899 or 650-285-9987) and determine response time, which can vary depending on other demands. Limited to 10 miles from Campus and in 8:00 am – 8:00 pm time frame. Replacement bike provided at Shop’s discretion.