Class of 2010 Debeautifying Booth

Debeautifying Booth n. An area that holds spray paint, stickers, ribbons, and caution tape available to Stanford students used in discouraging bicycle theft. The booth is open the first week of school for all to use. We provide gloves, masks, cardboard, directions and an assortment of paint to help make bikes unique. In its third year and despite initial reservations, the booth has become very popular. Last year, a freshman painted her bicycle to match her beloved car that she couldn't bring with her to campus. So be on the look out for a grey bicycle with Audi symbols painted on the top tube. Below are pictures from September 20th of 2006 including two winners of prizes.
The Debeatifying booth in all it's glory. Bike thieves hate it, artists love it, and some bikes come out as pieces of art.
Bike ready for action!
Paint booth in action!
Artist choice!
Artistic Block!
2nd place goes to the bike with gold tires!
1st place goes to the bike with CAUTION tape streamers.