Our Craftsman Shop Sign

There It Is. But where is it now?

For the past several years, up until a year or so ago, we have had a handmade wooden sign, complete with gold leaf, outside our front door, and there's the finished sign up close, above, and outside our front door, below. It is a real craftsman's work of art as presented below.

One night the sign disappeared and hasn't been seen since. It's a classic and we would certainly like to have it back. If you know of its whereabouts, please let us know - at the shop or 650 723-9300 - or bring it on by, no questions asked.


Its Creation

The sign was made by our very own John Wild who was a loyal helper of the bike shop in his days as a Stanford student. In his free time, then and now, he races road bikes and plays chess, and also made our fine craftsman sign. He went from Stanford to MIT and there he is working hard on the sign in MIT's wood shop.

As shown below, the work started with our new logo, a tree through the letter "C", and the stylized shop name printed on paper. After tracing, our new logo and shop name appears on the board that will become our sign.

After many more hours of work, the sign was in its place at the shop entrance for viewing by all. Thanks John!