Campus Bike Shop Rental Bike - Electric Bike

Campus Bike Shop Rental Bike - Electric Bike
$50.00 - $600.00


To assure your rental electric bike is available for you, also make your reservation by phone, (650)723-9300. We currently have a limited supply of Electric Bikes. Without a phone reservation, your rental bike may not be available.

Here by popular demand-

Our Electric Bikes are suitable for commutes, carrying cargo, or just plain fun! The models that we carry feature:

- Approx 30 mile range on single charge
- 20 mph top speed
- Both pedal assist and manual throttle modes

Important Information about your order

  • Make a selection for every item above Refer to Bicycle Rental Rates for prices of each item
  • Prices will not appear on your order
  • You will be required to provide credit card information to submit your order
  • We will charge you when you pick up your rental bike

    Want more information or to refer back?Renting more than one bike?
    • Complete your reservation order and click Add to Cart below for each bike, except for the last bike click Add and Checkout
    • Each bike will be in your Shopping Basket ready to send us your reservation
    What if you need to cancel your reservation?
    • Give us a call at 650 723-9300
    • There is no charge for a cancelled reservation prior to 24 hours before your Pickup Day
    • Within 24 hours, a cancellation or a no-show is $20.00 per bike