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Campus Bike Shop Rental Bike - Mid-level Commuter Bike

Campus Bike Shop Rental Bike - Mid-level Commuter Bike
  • .Bike Frame Type: Standard
  • Front Basket?: Yes (+$10)
  • Lights?: Front Light Only (+$10)
  • Fenders?: Yes (+$20)
  • Back Rack and Basket?: Yes (+$20)
  • .Bike Frame Type: Step-Through
This item is currently not available.


Online rental reservations are temporarily unavailable for this type of bike. Please contact us at 650 723-9300 or at to make a reservation

The rental Commuter Bike is a mid-level bike ideal for the roads and paved trails on campus and off. The thinner tires and gearing make for quick and efficient trips for local destinations and for longer rides to the many Bay Area destinations of interest. It is available in either a conventional or a step-through/U frame.

What if you need to cancel your reservation?

  • Give us a call at 650 723-9300 or email at
  • There is no charge for a cancelled reservation prior to 24 hours before your Pickup Day
  • Within 24 hours, a cancellation or a no-show is $20.00 per bike