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Temporary Shop Hours

Starting Tuesday, Nov 10th, our weekday shop hours will be adjusted as follows:

Monday - Friday10am - 4pm
Saturday10am - 2pm

Bike Drop-off and Pickup

While the Stanford Campus is largely closed to the public due to Covid, Campus Bike Shop is an essential business and will remain open. During this time, please use the loading zone adjacent to the shop for bike pickups and drop-offs.

Map of drop-off and pickup loading zone,

Bike Purchasing

The bicycle industry as a whole has been greatly impacted by current events. As the situation develops, our stocks and ability to acquire bikes will rapidly change. We are currently unable to guarantee a regular availability of our normal brands and models. We recommend that prospective buyers speak with our sales associates through our regular phone line or by email so that we can offer our most up to date options.


Phone: 650-723-9300

4 delivery truck icons.

Left your bike behind?

Student Bike Recovery Project

Campus Bike Shop is offering services to recover and Store, Ship, Donate, or Sell your bike. 

Please submit a request using our form here.

Campus Bike Shop


The Campus Bike Shop has served Stanford Students for more than 80 years providing high value and quality bikes.

Campus Bike Shop Bike Share Program

Bicycle Financing

This is a great way to learn to manage small monthly loan payments and start building your credit history. 

  • Loan amounts from $100 to $1000
  • 6.99% APR**
  • 12- and 24 month loan terms

Apply at Stanford Federal Credit Union.