Shipping Your Bike to Us

Bringing your bicycle from home to Stanford is easy! The Campus Bike Shop will reassemble, tune, and install any accesories you choose and register your bike too.

How can I ship my bike to the Campus Bike Shop?

  • It's easiest if your local bike shop packs and ships your bicycle. The total cost should be between $80 to $120
  • Include the completed form with your bike in the box that is shipped to us - see below

What happens to my bike when it arrives at the Campus Bike Shop?

  • We receive your bicycle, assemble it, and perform a mini tune-up and safety inspection, for $90

Can I arrange for my bike to be registered and accessorized ahead of time?

  • Yes, we offer many additional services and accessories that we complete before your arrival
  • Some of the following options are chosen to be added to 80% of the bikes shipped to us*

How do I make my arrangements with you?

  • Click for the form
    • Fill it out completely, then
    • Click Print Completed Form and include it with your bike in the box that is shipped to us, and
    • Then click Submit Form so we will know your bike is coming and be ready for it

And here's a comment, taken from Stanford's recent New Student Orientation Survey, from somebody who used this program

  • "I shipped my bike and the the Bike Shop put it together. They were wonderful, on time, and courteous."

* Please don't order any accessories or packages from the catalog. Your selection of packages and accessories is included in the form you complete to ship your bike to us.