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Is the shop open to the public?

  • Yes, the shop is open to the public - the shop is privately owned and has been on campus for over 85 years

What free services do you offer?

  • Free air with pressure gauge, 24 hours a day, with lighted station, outside our shop
  • Free use of tools and free oil during our open hours at our tool stand outside our front entrance; specialty tools are available at the front counter
  • Free estimates or suggestions how to fix your bike
  • Free loaner bike with any major service

What other services do you offer?

  • Repairs - quick, anything from a flat tire to a tuneup, to the full spectrum of repairs for any and all bikes
  • Receiving/assembling of your own boxed bike in good condition
  • Lock cutting for broken U-locks on location for a quarter of the cost of a locksmith
  • Rental bikes from a daily rental to long term, including $2,000 road bikes
  • $25 helmets priced below our wholesale cost.
  • Personalizing your bike for theft prevention - see below

Why should I buy a bike at the Campus Bike Shop?

  • Largest selection of quality entry level bikes - we specialize in bikes between $300 and $500
  • Location - we are the only bike shop right here on campus ready to respond quickly to your biking needs
  • Most students ride or walk within 100 ft of our shop every day
  • Consistent service and staff - With our experienced staff, we are able to offer consistent and knowledgeable service
  • Lowest labor rates - we offer some of the lowest labor rates in the area

Is bicycle theft a big problem at Stanford?

  • Yes! Bicycles are the most stolen objects on campus
  • Licensing/registration (California/Stanford) is important - with it, your bike can be returned to you if it is stolen or misplaced
  • Purchase our Security Package: so your bike and its wheels and seat are less likely to be stolen
  • Personalize your bike - we offer free spray paint, gloves, and mask for personalizing so it is less likely to be stolen, and/or
  • Cover your bike with stickers and use nail polish to write your name on your bike

Where can I buy a used bike?

  • The Campus Bike Shop has used bikes for sale most of the year - these bikes are usually sold out during September as they are a popular bike choice for incoming students.
  • Craig's list is also a resource for used bikes (but many are stolen bikes or the bike for sale may be a scam such that you pay your money but don't end up with a bike)