The Shop

Is the shop open to the public?

Yes, the shop is open to the public - the shop is privately owned and has been on campus for over 70 years

What free services do you offer?

  • Free air with pressure gauge, 24 hours a day, with lights, outside our shop
  • Free use of tools and free oil during our open hours at our tool stand outside our front entrance; specialty tools are available at the front counter
  • Free estimates or suggestions how to fix your bike
  • Free loaner bike with any major service

What other services do you offer?

  • Repairs - quick, anything from a flat tire to a tuneup, to the full spectrum of repairs for any and all bikes
  • Receiving/assembling of your own boxed bike in good condition
  • Lock cutting for broken U-locks on location for a quarter of the cost of a locksmith
  • Rental bikes from a daily rental to long term, including $2,000 road bikes!
  • $25 helmets priced below our wholesale cost.
  • Personalizing your bike for theft prevention - see below
  • Wheel chair repair

Why should I buy a bike at the Campus Bike Shop?

  • Largest selection of quality entry level bikes - we specialize in bikes between $200 and $500
  • Location - we are the only bike shop right here on campus ready to respond quickly to your biking needs
    • Most students ride or walk within 100 ft of our shop every day
  • Consistent service and staff -  With our experienced staff, we are able to offer consistent and knowledgeable serviceLowest labor rates - we offer some of the lowest labor rates in the area
    • Customer reviews rank the shop very high

Is bicycle theft a big problem at Stanford?

    • Yes! Bicycles are the most stolen objects on campus
    • Licensing/registration (California/Stanford) is important - with it, your bike can be returned to you if it is stolen or misplaced
    • Purchase our Security Package: so your bike and its wheels and seat are less likely to be stolen
    • Personalize your bike - we offer free spray paint, gloves, and mask for personalizing so it is less likely to be stolen, and/or
    • Cover your bike with stickers and use nail polish to write your name on your bike

Where can I buy a used bike?

  • The Campus Bike Shop has used bikes for sale most of the year - these bikes are usually sold out during September as they are a popular bike choice by students who didn't take advantage of our NSO bike purchase program over the summer or found they really need a bike on campus after all
  • Craig's list is also a resource for used bikes (but many are stolen bikes or the bike for sale may be a scam such that you pay your money but don't end up with a bike)

Why doesn't the Campus Bike Shop sell more used bikes?

  • We typically pay $25 to $100 for most bicycles after four years of use - but students leave in a rush when graduating and don't offer to sell their bicycles back to the shop
  • Abandoned bicycles at Stanford (over 1000 per year) are no longer available to the bike shopWalmart, Target, and Costco sell bicycles starting at less than $100, and the majority of abandoned bicycles are from these big box stores where the quality of the bikes is so poor that disposing of them is often more economical than fixing them if they can be fixed at all
    • In the past, bicycles were donated to the bike shop and then sold to students and faculty for the price of the repairs only, a great deal for all and a very popular program where the slogan "Repairing is recycling" came true
    • Now all abandoned bicycles are brought to a Public Safety facility for processing and the majority of bicycles are held for a minimum of 90 days before being donated to local charities off campus