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Repairs and Adjustments

Service comes first!

Our highly regarded repair services draw customers from not only Stanford but from all over the Bay Area. The Campus Bike Shop services more bikes – comfort bikes to pro road bikes, tandems and folding bikes – than any other bike shop in Santa Clara and San Mateo County. We offer same day and next day service, provide a free loaner bike when you bring your bike in for a tuneup, and have lower rates than other local shops. While other shops focus on sales at the expense of service, we have 3 mechanics for every 1 sales person. We specialize in making your bike the best it can be.

Bring your bike in and we will assess your service needs or specific problem(s) at no charge. We will provide you a quote and, if you choose, sign you up for the tuneup and/or repairs. You may also give us a call, 650 723-9300, for a preliminary assessment and estimate of your tuneup or repair needs.

Popular services we provide include:

Full tuneup - $110-$150 includes free loaner bike subject to availability.  Front and rear brake/shift cable lubrication and adjustment, minor front and rear wheel truing, hub and bottom bracket adjustment, basic cleaning of frame.  Fixing broken/damaged parts will be an additional charge.  Any parts needed are an additional cost and installation labor is generally at a discounted cost. Choose this service with higher end bikes, commuter bikes, and bikes that need parts installed.

Flats - (per flat) $20 labor plus the cost of a new tube and/or tire, includes changing a tube and/or tire, oiling the chain, and airing both tires to correct pressure. In addition to labor, costs are regular tube $8.50, thick tube $12.50, basic tire $25/$30, specialty tire $30 to $60. Note: For most campus bikes basic tires are adequate and thick tubes are recommended to reduce the chance of getting a flat.

Brakes - (per brake) $30 labor for most brakes. $35 labor for disk brakes. Service includes oiling and adjusting the cables and all pivots. Additional charges may be added if brake pads or cables also need to be replaced.

Derailleurs - (per derailleur) $30 labor for derailleur adjustment and lubrication. If cable and housing needs to be replaced, labor is $30 plus the cost of the cable and housing. If a bent derailleur needs to be aligned, there is an additional $15-20 labor cost.

Wheel Truing - (per wheel) $30-50 labor, Labor cost dependent on severity of damage/time spent to straighten, spokes and parts additional.

New bike assembly - Starting at $125 lbor. This is only for a new bike you bring to us for assembly. (It is not added to the price of a new bike bought from us.)

Reassembly and tuneup of your bike brought to or shipped to us - starting at $150 labor.