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Don't forget the Security Package to protect your new bike! FREE HELMET and $30 GIFT CARD upon pickup in the Fall for a limited time! Our Maintenance Plan will keep your bike in excellent condition during your stay on campus. With its sweeping curves, the Pure City Step-Through has the classic look of a cobblestone street with a smooth modern feel. Whether you're headed uptown, downtown, or just around the corner, if you're on this bike, you'll always be taking the scenic route! Speeds to meet your needs We designed these bikes to thrive in whatever city you call home. Because not every city is created equally, we built two different gearing options so you can pick that set-up that's right for you. The 3-speed gives you a small range of gears to cycle through and the internal hub is unmatched for ease of use and creating a clean, minimalist look. The 8-speed gives you a wider range of gears to tackle tough hills and haul heavier loads. - Wider range of gears for taming hilly cities or hauling heavy loads. - Higher top speed before "spinning out". - Cheaper to own, repair, and replace.
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