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Planet Bike Eco Rack
Planet Bike's Eco Rack is made of oversize tubular 6061 aluminum for maximum strength and stability. And, it's designed to provide complete heel clearance when you install packs. Plus, the pre-installed rack hardware makes it a cinch to mount the Eco Rack to your bike, too. This rack fits most road, mountain and hybrid bicycles and even includes a built-in platform, which doubles as a mini-fender on rainy rides.
Basil Cento
The Basil Cento basket makes a fine addition to school age cyclists looking for somewhere to stow their books, bags and other study essentials. This stylish and practical bag also features a handy slip that can house a satchel or backpack. The ergonomic shape of this basket also make it a much more comfortable choice for cyclists. Those gruelling morning rides into school with your back saddled with packs and bags will be a thing of the past with the Basil Cento. But this basket can be enjoyed by just about anyone, with a generous interior providing plenty of space for shopping and other items, making it a suitable choice for cyclists of all ages. This basket needs to be attached to your luggage rack, which requires additional mounting hardware. Don’t worry about shelling out for extras though as this basket comes complete with all the mounting essentials you need. You can also count on this quality basket standing the test of time, with the reinforced frame holding its shape for a long time and handling bumps and wear and tear effortlessly. This hardy design is also waterproof, making it an ideal choice for those spending longer stretches outdoors on their bike. Are you a cyclists who demands an even more hard-wearing choice of bicycle storage:? Browse our complete range today to see what Basil has in store for you. You’ll find everything from lockable bags and satchels that can be attached to your bike, right through to titanium baskets for the ultimate in outdoor endurance. Features: Fits lengthways on the luggage carrier of your bike. Easily attached with supplied mounting hardware. Ideal for carrying shopping, daily essentials or school supplies. Weatherproof with a reinforced frame. Classic black colour.
Sunlite Rack Top Mesh Basket
Here's a big basket to carry large loads. Sunlite's Rack Top Mesh Basket attaches to your rear rack (sold separately) and sports sturdy steel construction.
Wald 133 Quick-Release Front Basket
The Wald 133 Quick Release Basket is one of the simplest and easy to use baskets available. Mounting itself to your bike with the attachment of a wire bracket, The Wald 133 covers all your needs when it comes to carrying small items such as waterbottles, bags, purses, and more. The Wald 133 Quick Release Basket's dimensions are 14.5"X 9.5"X 9" and weighs approximately 2.4 lbs including the mount.
Wald Collapsible Basket
The Wald 582 sets the standard for ingenuity when it comes to rear baskets. Mounting to the side of almost any rear rack, this nimble basket holds all your needs for classes (in your backpack, or not), a full size grocery bag, or a case of soda. When not in use, the base of the basket pivots up allowing the side walls to collapse. A simple clamp at the top of the side panels keeps everything secured while the basket is folded. The collapsible basket dimensions are 12.75 x 7.25 x approximately 1 inch when folded and 8.5 inches when open.
Campus Bike Shop Rack and Basket - Installed
We install the rack and basket on your just purchased bike or on your existing bike. It's shown folded and open, ready to be installed. Folded the basket is 1 inch wide, and open 8.5 inches wide. The basket is mounted on the right side of the rack. The rack and basket adds another dimension of versatility to your campus and local area transportation. When open, the basket holds all your needs for classes (in your backpack, or not),a full size grocery bag, or a case of soda, and when folded it's like it's almost not there. The rack is aluminum for maximum strength and stability and minimum weight. It includes a built-in platform that serves as a mini-fender and can hold your U-lock. The basket is steel for maximum carrying capacity - size and weight - and minimum folded width.
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