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Shipping Your Bike to Us Form

Print this completed form and include it in the shipping box with your bike - see below.

Payment for assembly (typically $125) and any accessories packages will be due on pickup.

Ship your bike using the following address format, thanks!

Campus Bike Shop
459 Lagunita Drive Ste #12
Stanford, CA, 94305

Please ship your bicycle to us no earlier than July and no later than one week before the end of August if this is for your arrival at the start of the Fall quarter

To refer back to the Shipping Your Bike to Us page, click here

Cardholder, if payment by credit card
xxx xxx-xxxx
Please give us a brief description of your bike - brand, model/type and color.

Accessories Packages

Please indicate any accessories packages you want.

Click here to view our standard packages.

IMPORTANT! Perform, in order, the following two steps
  • 1. Click "Print Completed Form" - It needs to be in the shipping box (in a sealed envelope) with your bike
  • 2. Then click "Submit Form" - This sends us your order

1. Click

If your printed form is complete and correct, go to 2. below.
If not, make the necessary corrections/additions and start at 1. again)

2. Click "Submit Form" below